Technology Website Design in Yorkshire

We’ve been working closely with one of the top international technology, advertising, and digital marketing companies, SNAVE UK. Athena Media helped them to create a brand new website to showcase their work and clients.

The Solution

We wanted the new SNAVE UK website to have a fresh, modern, and tech-focused feel while still being heavily user-focused and super simple to navigate.

We wanted to reflect SNAVE’s professionalism, experience, and skillset in a modern and forward-thinking but also in a way that would stay true to their roots and history.

While we worked hard on designing and developing the new website, SNAVE UK began creating and writing the content for it.

The Results

The whole project was built in WordPress, a massively diverse framework that allowed us to cater to the needs of the client.

After being live for just a few months, the new SNAVE website really took-off and is organically ranking extremely well throughout Search Engines for each keyword we targeted throughout the design. This in turn resulted in some fantastic digital growth.