Stairlift Web Design

Lifestyle Stairlifts is a leading provider of stairlifts in the West Yorkshire area. Offering a wide range of stairlifts to suit all needs and budgets, and the Lifestyle Stairlifts experts are always on hand to help customers choose the right stairlift for their home.

In 2023, Lifestyle Stairlifts approached Athena Media to redesign their website. The old website was outdated and difficult to use by users and for updating content and products, and Lifestyle Stairlifts were looking for a new website that would be more user-friendly, visually appealing, and easy to edit.

Athena Media worked closely with Lifestyle Stairlifts to understand their needs and objectives for the new WordPress website. The new website was designed to be easy to use, with clear navigation and helpful information about each stairlift on offer by Lifestyle Stairlifts. The website also features a number of testimonials from satisfied customers, as well as frequently asked questions (FAQs) with helpful tips and advice on stairlifts.

The new website was launched in early 2023, and it has been very well-received by customers and industry professionals alike. The website has seen a significant increase in traffic and leads, and Lifestyle Stairlifts are very happy with the results of the project.