About Athena Media

Web Design and Social Media services based in the heart of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

— Athena Media is a fresh, young and fast growing web design and social media marketing agency based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Specialising in the latest digital trends, we work with our clients to produce outstanding websites, SEO campaigns, brands and social media campaigns that get you in front of the right crowd.

We do what we do for one reason, we absolutely love it. Athena Media was created to provide what most agencies won’t; high performing websites and digital campaigns that are cost-effective and get results.

It’s not just the great digital stuff either, we’re all about continuous improvement, which is at the core of every single project we undertake.

How we do it

From traditional to digital and everything in between we help grow brands – and we get some awesome results. We design to create experiences that attract, engage and convert new customers to your business.

We’re not the only agency with great creative. However, we are the only agency with our unique process and partnership with clients. We work hand in hand with our clients throughout every step of the project.

When we say partnership, we mean it. We’ll call you, we’ll even sometimes email you at 2am after waking up with a great idea we dreamed up, and that works both ways – you can always call us, day or night, and we mean that.

Who is Athena Media?

Having had an interest in Web Design since I was 12 years old and publishing my first website at 13, I have been gathering experience as a digital designer and branding artist for 7 years, covering web design, development and print media.

I love amplifying how businesses are perceived in order to strengthen their brand communications and make them more memorable.

I’ve always believed the key to success is building a good brand, from logos, business cards, posters and animations to carrying that strengthened brand into a digital online space, a good brand always pays off.

I’m also on-track to getting a very expensive bit of paper from The University of Huddersfield that says I’m alright at this sort of stuff.

This is Me!