The Power of Collaboration: Athena Media Helps Train Huddersfield SU Web Developer

Athena Media is a Huddersfield-based web design company that has been making waves in the local Huddersfield community by providing top-notch and reliable web design services to businesses and organizations for many years now.

One of our most recent achievements is a collaboration with the University of Huddersfield Students’ Union (SU) to provide training for their in-house web designer and digital marketer on installing, maintaining, and improving WordPress websites.

The University of Huddersfield SU is an organization that represents the university’s students. They have a variety of websites that serve as hubs for information, news, events, and accommodation listings. They needed someone who could help train their in-house web developer on how to effectively manage, maintain, and improve each website, and that’s where Athena Media came in.

Huddersfield SU reached out to Athena Media to provide a days training for their web designer on all things WordPress. Athena Media was more than happy to assist and provided a tailored training to the developer, focusing on the best practices for creating engaging and user-friendly websites. At Athena Media we strongly believe that collaborating with other web designers is a very effective way of ‘sharing the knowledge’ and can also help in problem-solving and discovering new approaches to overcome challenges.

The WordPress training program covered a wide range of topics, including different methods on WordPress installation, basic website maintenance, website security, and search engine optimization. The training was hands-on, with the developer working alongside Athena Media with a ‘learn by doing’ approach that we found to work extremely well.

The collaboration was a great success, and the developer from the SU gained new skills and knowledge that helped them improve the SU’s website design and functionality straight away – and we learned a new thing or two also! The improved knowledge in web design will help the Huddersfield SU better serve its visitors, providing them with a more engaging and user-friendly platform to access news, events, and other important information.

The partnership between Athena Media Web Design in Huddersfield and the University of Huddersfield SU highlights the importance of providing training and mentorship opportunities to web developers, ensuring they stay at the top of their game with the latest industry insights. Collaboration between web designers in different companies, organizations, and sectors, is essential for providing an opportunity for diverse skill sets and perspectives to come together to produce innovative designs. Allowing us to be exposed to new ideas, techniques, and styles, which can ultimately improve the quality of work for both teams.

Web Design Huddersfield by Ben Dickinson of Athena Media

Written and Edited by Ben Dickinson

Athena Media was set up by Ben Dickinson with a huge passion and ambition to provide quality digital marketing to businesses in and around West Yorkshire.

I’ve always believed the key to success online is building a great digital presence. I love amplifying how businesses are seen online. From amazing web design to outstanding search engine optimisation… a good digital brand always pays off.

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