Videographer Web Design in Leeds

Leeds Videography are experts in all things wedding videography, from stunning aerial drone shots to cinematic wedding films that really draw on and highlight emotions. Jordan from Leeds Videography comes highly recommended by one of West Yorkshire’s most prestigious wedding venues, Waterton Park Hotel.

Having worked with us on previous projects, Leeds Videography trusted us to deliver a cutting-edge website that would attract couples and generate leads.

The Solution

We mutually agreed that we wanted to funnel visitors quickly into the two main areas of the website, the Portfolio and the Pricing pages. This is so that potential brides and grooms would be able to quickly navigate to what they deemed the most important first.

As you would expect, the amazing photography and videography Jordan supplied helped a bunch with the design of the website project, giving it that professional edge. Not only that, but it also helped to speed up the design and development of his website dramatically.

The Results

A key part to the success of this project was to keep the website as fast as possible, as high-quality photography and videos can take up a lot of loading time. Therefore, through key on-site optimisations we were able to keep the average load time of the website under 2 seconds.

The website was built entirely in WordPress – with an easy-to-use back-end system which means Jordan can update every part of his website easily and quickly, including posting new video projects through Vimeo.

Not only that, he now ranks very highly in both local and national search results – a fantastic result in a competitive field!