Beauty Academy Web Design

LC Beauty Academy in Worksop, Nottinghamshire is a beauty academy teaching a host of beauty stylist skills such as hair, nails, and eyelashes. They offer over a dozen unique beauty treatments and skills courses. So, naturally, they needed a website to showcase their unique business skill set. They were easily one of the most interesting clients we have ever had the chance to work with. As a start-up with a brand new online presence, they needed to have a fully functioning website up and running as quickly as possible to begin taking bookings for their new courses.

In addition to booking courses online, they also wanted to fully integrate their social media presence with their website. This included adding in easily recognizable links to other social media contacts such as Instagram and Facebook/Messenger. This allows for potential students and clients to be able to reach out to them more easily through other various contact methods.

Finally, we were able to add in fully bespoke payment integration with Klarna as well as Stripe for even easier payment processing from their clients. All-in-all the website we were able to make for LC Beauty Academy was just as sleek, elegant, and beautiful as the products they offer their clients! Not only that, but it ranks top in Google for beauty classes in the Worksop area!