Dentist Web Design

Park Street Dental Practice is among the premier dental practices in the north of England. Located in Selby, they have been an established medical practice in the area for quite some time. However, they really needed an update to their online presence, as their previous website was more of a ‘DIY’ project, which was hard to navigate and functioned poorly. So, we needed to give this dental practice website a new smile!

The first focus was to create a new website from the ground up that would be faster, easier to navigate, and far more personable. It also needed to be SEO optimized for its local region in order to generate more leads and incoming potential client phone calls. For this, Park Street Dental partnered with SAM Marketing to create the written content and develop the localized SEO strategy.

As a dental practice, they also wanted fully unique pages for each individual procedure and service they specialize in. This includes dentures, inlays, onlays, root canal treatment, veneers, crowns, and bridges, etc,. This required extensive research in order to properly create content that was medically accurate and accurate to the business itself.

The client also wanted direct links to their social media outlets that would automatically update alongside the website whenever posts or changes were made. The result was a fully contained website and social media ecosystem that was built from the ground up. The client has even told us that since launching this new website, their daily calls from potential clients have gone through the roof!

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