Contractor Accommodation Web Design

Trade Stays is a totally new idea that takes on a problem that faces tradespeople and contractors across the globe. The concept is akin AirBnB for tradespeople and those who travel often for contract work. It helps to provide bespoke accommodations for these workers when traveling for work, without blowing the project budget. This new and exciting concept has taken off really well, and we were happy to be a part of it by designing their new website!

The main focus of the website was to get people in touch about their accommodation needs as soon as possible. This is made easier with the built-in live chat function that we helped design in order to encourage potential clients to get a booking done quickly and efficiently. The website is also designed to be easily updatable with new properties, dates, etc,. It gives key information at key times!

The website ranks extremely well with relevant search items, and the client was so happy with it that they also asked us to help redesign their other company websites. They even informed us they noticed a huge uptick in traffic and accommodation inquiries since their new website launched.

Trade Stays is a really exciting and brand new concept that helps tradespeople find accommodation for far cheaper than previously available. Our website was able to help them get the word out about their unique business idea that is bringing something fresh to the accommodations space online.