Claire Culliford

Web Design & Branding

claire culliford website mockup

Claire Culliford is one of Huddersfields latest writing stars, in early 2019 Claire’s books had been taken on by Waterstones and Barnes and Noble in America, so her identity, branding, and website needed to be constructed pretty fast.

Athena Media’s challenge was to understand Claire’s writing services and the direction that she wanted to take her creative writing in the future.

We also designed and developed a multi-language eCommerce website aimed at selling her books to international audiences. (¡fantástica!)

The Solution

Claire Culliford previously had no brand identity or real online presence. We carried out in-depth research and analysis on Claire’s local, national and international competition to find what audiences liked and recognised.

We then used the data to create a stunning website design that captured the audience’s attention and answered their main questions within a couple of seconds.

The Results

We stepped away from the heavy side of eCommerce and allowed the products to fit in naturally where they needed to be to drive sales, whilst still ensuring the website felt like an eCommerce and would allow users to easily move into the shopping side of the website.

Since launching the website, Claires books have gone international so we fitted a little feature to allow people to switch to a language they want.

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