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Social Media Marketing

We like to get to know you and work in a strong partnership with our clients to expand and increase their reach, engage their audience, and help improve their success online.

Brand perception has never been more important than in today’s online-driven society, having an active and well thought out social media campaign is a key factor in increasing sales, brand awareness, and your SEO.

Regular Posting

We take away the hassle, stress and confusing of developing your social media calendar. Ensuring your posts are streamlined and posted at specific times for maximum engagements.

Monthly Reports

We always send you a monthly report containing all the facts and stats of how your social media campaign is working. Along with our jargon-busting and down to earth way of explaining it all.


Each social media channel is unique, that’s why Athena will work with you to create a well thought out strategy to ensure the maximum success of your social media campaign goals.


We will build, update and manage your social media accounts 24/7/365 – from the important updates about your business to the happy holidays posts. Done properly, these important routes to market will enhance your companies visibility.


Social media advertising is a great way to quickly boost your social profiles. We work with you to enhance your brand recognition, convert opportunities, gain trust, and target highly specific audiences.


Google loves seeing businesses being active online, especially through social media. Having regularly updated social media content can help you boost your online authority and improve your search engine positon.

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Why Athena Media?

We do what we do for one reason, we absolutely love it. Athena Media was created to provide and do what most agencies won’t; deliver high-end websites and social media campaigns whilst keeping them as cost effective as possible.

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How We Do It

1.) Research

No rushing straight in – we do our homework thoroughly and work out the most effective social media channels to use for your business and create posts to bring your social media profiles to life and engage with customers.

2.) Measurements

We totally understand that not ‘one size fits all’. We will listen to your objectives and then carefully discuss the specifics and monitor them throughout, providing reports and recommendations on how we can change and improve as we go along. We’re here to support you throughout the whole process.

3.) Implementation

We carefully select the perfect times and opportunities to post on your social channels. Taking full advantage of new opportunities as we identify them, such as important company updates.