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Since 1972 SwiftPrint in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire have been a business pillar of the local community. Having supported and played a part in the growth of hundreds of other businesses over the last 50+ years. Having an above-and-beyond attitude to each client and job SwiftPrint proudly boasts a 5* service, fast turnaround, and quality print every time.

SwiftPrint of Huddersfield came to Athena Media to grow their online sales and discoverability by new customers searching for their print services online and throughout the town. 

Athena Media worked closely with Phil Earl from SwiftPrint and Sam Hartley from SAM Marketing to create a precise strategy initially focussing on improving the conversion rate of the site – through a mixture of website design, enhancements, interlinking valuable content and making the customer conversion points more visible and accurate throughout the new website. We spent time liaising with the client and their marketing manager to research their target audience to understand the key motivations and decision factors of those wishing to seek a local print company. This time was well-spent as  it allowed us to ensure the website had the most relevant information and was able to answer the questions and concerns potential customers may have prior to ordering online.

Within a few weeks, SwiftPrint saw an uplift in online orders, leads, reviews, and traffic all of which helped to expand their search presence throughout Google as well as improve their organic search results creating a perfect cycle of new traffic, new orders, new reviews, and increased search engine results.

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