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Tracker Team is one of the UK’s foremost vehicle security companies, and as such, they needed a website that could handle their very serious solution to a very serious problem. They specialize in fully insurance-approved automotive trackers and vehicular disablers that help prevent theft of your vehicle. As a company that deals in personal security, they needed a website that lived up to those standards.

We designed a large eCommerce website that helps them to distribute their trackers and disablers to their clients directly. This includes a fully bespoke payment processing system that accepts payments from all major debit and credit cards. This was all designed, of course, with advanced security in mind.

The website layout was also fully bespoke and designed to showcase the unique features of the product as well as its accolades and accreditations. We were also able to provide Tracker Team with custom animations for them to help show off the features and functionality of their product. The final result was a secure, high-performance website with massive eCommerce capabilities.

Our Tracker Team website has been able to generate thousands of hits per day, and ranks very well across all major search engines. This was a successful website design for a very successful vehicle security team.

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