Book Selling Web Design

When we were approached by a local author to help design a website specifically for their international book launch, we had to jump at the chance! Our typical clientele is other businesses that need to expand their online presence. So, naturally, it was fun to take on such a unique opportunity to help a local author create a promotional and educational website for their very first book release.

Mutti’s Dream is a book by Beverly Hopper, and the website was designed to work in three different unique ways: To operate as an eCommerce hub for distribution and sales of the book and products; to help promote the book; and to help shine a spotlight on this new up and coming local author entering the stage.

In order to accomplish these things, we needed a website that featured a classy and elegant distribution of reference and source material taken from various types of videos and images. This helped build on the educational and informational aspects of the website. We then added in full payment processing functionality for purchasing the book. Finally, we were able to add a unique section specifically about the author which works seamlessly with the aesthetic and design of the rest of the webpage.

The Mutti’s Dream website ended up being an elegant solution for a local author to showcase their book. It was designed for fast and responsive performance as well as Search Engine Optimized to help bring traffic to the webpage. This was a successful website made and a personal client left happy — who is now able to really drive sales for their book!