Art Craft Memorials

Web Design Huddersfield by Athena Media - Showing Art Craft Memorials Website Development Mockup

Headstone and Memorial Web Design

Art Craft memorials is a local business designing custom unique memorials for departed loved ones. They are an established business with a lot of experience in designing unique custom memorials for their clients. However, they needed a refresher on their online presence in order to generate more traffic and help guide potential clients to contact them directly.

For this website, we needed to create a fully bespoke design that would help to showcase the wide range of products they offer. So, we made a website that displays over 300+ unique products that are easily editable for future updates by the website owner. We were also able to fully Search Engine Optimize the website down to each individual product, not just the main content.

Being able to fully optimize the website allows potential clients to find specific products offered by Art Craft Memorials, not just their company as a whole. This helps generate far more leads daily. We were also able to design the website to lead potential clients to reach out to the business owners directly, as this is their preferred method of business.

Ultimately we created a fully custom eCommerce website that showcases the vast array of products the client can offer, as well as drives high levels of traffic directly to the business owner. This was another successful project that can help breathe new life into this already established business.