Elite Sourcing and Manufacturing

Web Design Huddersfield by Athena Media - Showing Elite Sourcing and Manufacturing Website Development Mockup

International Sourcing & Manufacturing Web Design

Elite Sourcing & Manufacturing (ES&M) was one of the most challenging, yet satisfying websites we have ever had the chance to create for a client. This is simply due to the massive nature of the business and client’s reputation. In this case, the client is one of the foremost freelance outsourcers in the world with a strong presence in the USA, Asia, Europe, and Turkey to name just a few. With over 40 years of experience in their field, we felt the pressure to create a website that showcased this expertise perfectly!

The website was centered around the many, many benefits and skills that the client brings to the table in their field of manufacturing outsourcing. We focused heavily on the services, areas of expertise, and testimonials in order to really send the message that Charles from Elite Sourcing & Manufacturing truly is an expert in this space. This also involved a very detailed international SEO campaign that we were able to implement.

Athena Media came up with a well-researched design and development process bespoke to the ES&M project that could help get the most information out of the client while also creating a website they would love.

The final result is a website that showcases the international skill and reputation of the client. It helps educate potential buyers on the unique skill set and connections that Elite Sourcing & Manufacturing has, in order to generate leads for them. With a well optimized website alongside their network, we had another client who was extremely happy with the website we provided them.