Security Bollard Web Design

Northern Bollards is a Huddersfield-based company that focuses on the installation and servicing of driveway security bollards throughout the UK. They have been in business for several years and have a reputation for providing high-quality products and services.

The focus of the website design for Northern Bollards was to create a new website that effectively communicated the services and products offered and provide quality e-commerce for customers to purchase bollards directly through the site. The website also had to be built with SEO in mind and deliver key information to visitors while including regular calls to action.

After Athena Media launched the new website for Northern Bollards it has been a great success. The e-commerce functionality has made it easy for customers to purchase products and services online, and the website’s SEO-friendly design has helped to increase visibility in search engines. Implementing clear and concise information about the products and services offered by Northern Bollards has been praised, making it easy for visitors to understand the company’s offerings.

Northern Bollards responsive design across all devices has also ensured that the website is optimized for viewing anytime, anywhere. The website has also helped to dramatically improve the company’s online presence and increase its sales and growth consistently.