5 Quick Ways to Attract More Customers Through Your Website

Running a business is difficult, I think we can all agree on that. It takes time, dedication, and a healthy amount of trial and error. This can come with quite a lot of hurdles that you will need to jump along the way. But, running a successful business with a website that attracts customers doesn’t need to feel like an impossible task!

There are a lot of different ways to attract new digital customers and keep them engaged in your web page and content. However, today, we are going to focus on 5 quick and easy ways to attract more customers through your website. With these quick tips, you can see an increase in customer engagement and flow in no time. Let’s dive in!

Get/Update your GMB Account

Google My Business (GMB) is, in essence, a totally free promotional tool for your business. It allows you to promote your company on Google Search as well as Google Maps. If you have a slick Google My Business set-up you can guarantee that your website will rank higher on searches relevant to your website, as well as increase your traffic!

GMB works best when it is fully (and regularly!) up to date. It’s not enough to simply create an account and leave it be to grow on its own. Google rewards business owners that are engaging with GMB, their clientele, and keeping themselves active online through new reviews, and updated business information.

Take the time to update business photos regularly, reply to customer reviews on Google (good and bad), keep your contact details and business info up-to-date, etc,. This is all going to go a long way towards getting visibility for your business in a simple and quick manner.

Make Your Calls To Actions (CTAs) More Appealing

The Call To Action (AKA CTA) is the most crucial part of any online sales pitch or enticing product description. You want to leave viewers feeling like they could really use your product or service, and that you have something to offer them that they would benefit from. That’s why making your website CTAs easier, more appealing, and more accessible is a great way to increase leads. Consider having some larger Calls To Action, but not too many – you don’t want to come off pushy! As well as some smaller one, possibly a sentence or two like this:

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Customers don’t want to feel like the buying or getting in touch process is difficult. They want to feel as if they can have access to you and your products and services at the click of a button. Improving the visibility and coloration of your CTA buttons and placements can be a fast and easy solution! Making the CTA buttons more bold and visible is simple and can make a world of difference. So, try playing with the look and visibility of your ‘Buy Now’, ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Add to Basket’ buttons!

Links, Links, LINKS!

Hyperlinks are one of the best ways of improving your search engine ranking and SEO value in a pinch. This is because Google and other search engines heavily weigh and value internal links on every indexed page.

If a link can be found on a page, search engines use that to identify the relevance, quality, and nature of your web page itself. For example, if this blog post was all about ‘Lizard Men Who Live Under My House’ with 0 links to resources, and 0 links to referenced material — Google will assume you’re making it all up!

So, try adding in relevant links where you can between pages, products, blogs, and service pages to help improve the credibility and indexing value of your page. Make sure these links are from reputable sources and always fit the niche of your content and product naturally!

If you’re doing your website DIY-Style we recommend using AHREFs range of totally free tools. Using these tools you can check your site for SEO errors, backlinks, internal links, and even generate keywords so you know what people are searching for!

Include Pop-ups That Are Useful (and not annoying!)

Pop-ups may feel like a nuisance, especially when some web designers add them to pop-up the second your land on a website! However, in the right circumstances, they can indeed be useful. This is because not every pop-up has to be an ‘in your face’ advertisement. We recommend pop-ups only for strict criteria, for example, if a visitor is viewing a product page and they’ve spent a couple of minutes looking around, reading everything – a nice and small pop-up saying ‘have you found everything you’re looking for?’ can work a treat. This way, they don’t feel they’re wasting time finding out info on the product as they can drop you a message and it’s not annoying! Win win.

You can also install Facebook Messenger pop-ups (like we have on Athena Media) through Facebook’s own  WordPress plugins. You can also implement free native chat options through companies such as Tidio that allow customers to speak to a live sales rep right then and there.

Small little reminders that your representatives are available to be contacted at any time can be huge for conversion. This is just one example of a ‘good’ style of pop-up that can make your webpage more effective at gathering a consistent base of buyers and loyal customers over time.

Create Great Content

This final tip is probably the most important way of attracting customers through your website – while also being the most… abstract? That’s because it is truly hard to quantify. But, it’s extremely important nonetheless. That is, you should focus on simply making great content. Web pages, blog posts, and social media content that engages the reader and convinces them to stick around and buy your product or service.

One mistake that businesses often make when it comes to their online presence is neglecting the importance of high-quality digital content. You should be putting a lot of effort and thought into every post you make, as well as every page of your website. The key to creating great content is to ensure it’s relevant and truthful to your company, includes keywords – and most importantly is interesting enough that people will want to read it! Great content will help to instill confidence in your product, service, and company as well as make your business stand out among the rest.

It may seem simple, or even a bit harsh, but you have to make great content to get business these days. It’s not just us that are saying this either – Google itself comes forward on a regular basis to tell us that content is what drives us forward. Heck, they even have competitions for voting the best pieces of content!

Final Thoughts

Generating traffic on your website is tricky, and can sometimes feel like a failing task, but can be done with a bit of practice and effort. You don’t need to spend thousands each month on a costly marketing budget or have the world’s best social media team. You can improve your SEO and attract more customers just by following these simple steps and making your business more appealing to customers as well as search engines.

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Written and Edited by Ben Dickinson

Athena Media was set up by Ben Dickinson with a huge passion and ambition to provide quality digital marketing to businesses in and around West Yorkshire.

I’ve always believed the key to success online is building a great digital presence. I love amplifying how businesses are seen online. From amazing web design to outstanding search engine optimisation… a good digital brand always pays off.