Piano Removal Web Design

Specialist Piano Movers is a unique and very niche business located right here in Yorkshire. With over 20 years of experience in moving pianos across the country, they are the #1 most trusted source for cross-country piano removal and relocation in the UK. They even have quite a few celebrity clients under their belt! So, naturally, they needed to bring their business into the 21st century with their brand new online presence.

The main focus of the website was to make it well optimized and search engine friendly. This required the implementation of an expertly executed SEO strategy to help get the website ranking well throughout the country. The website also needed to highlight their unique services and expertise — particularly their experience in room-to-room piano moving.

All content was optimized with well-researched keywords in order to ensure that the website would rank well on all the major search engines as the business operates across the UK, not just in the Yorkshire area. The result was a website that is responsive, blazing fast, easy to navigate, showcases the unique skill set of the client, and ranks well on search engines. Overall the client was happy, and we were happy to provide them with a new online presence for their business.