Photography Website Design in Huddersfield

Leanne Galloway from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire was a start-up and recently graduated photographer looking to put her mark on the Fashion & Commercial photography industry. She needed a website that was bold and striking, one that would truly stand out from freelance competitors and let the photography speak for itself.

The Solution

Athena Media had the pleasure of working with Leanne Galloway Photography to design and produce her very first professional website. We wanted to produce a website that allowed the high quality of the images to be seen.

A step that was crucial in the success of the website was the load times, as an image-heavy website we had to find the right balance between the size and quality of the imagery and the load times of a visitor navigating around the site. We managed to keep the average load time under 2 seconds for each visitor.

Another crucial step was the Search Engine Optimisation – packed with keywords and optimised to her services and industry.

The Results

The result was a fully responsive website that had huge full-screen images, minimal navigation and an excellent balance of information and photography to compliment one another.

Within a couple of months after launching the new Leanne Galloway Photography website, the site is doing extremely well on Google.