Morley Rifle Club are an Olympic standard rifle and pistol target shooting club based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. With members aged 8 to 80 Morley RC have a range of shooting standards and abilities. Known for being one of West Yorkshire’s leading Olympic rifle shooting associations, Morley Rifle Club comes with a rich and dramatic history behind its highly secure doors.

morley rifle club website mockup

The Design and Development

Morley R.C. needed a website that would refresh their image and predominantly target a younger audience while also simplifying their out dated paper-based scoring and update system, which, they found was frequently off target, pardon the pun.

The design needed to be fresh and modern, while being easily usable by all members. Maintaining their professional status and rich history was extemely important throughout this project. This is exactly why we went with a minimal and straight-to-the-point design, offering new visitors quick access to the most important club information, such as when the club opens for events and how to contact or join the club.

The website also makes use of a protected members-only section to display personal shooting results, upcoming dates and important documents.

Luckily one of the members, Rob, was a professional photographer, which helped out a bunch with getting amazing photography of the members and club which I was able to use throughout the website website design.

The website was built in entirely in WordPress – with an easy-to-use plugin installed which allowed committee members to post and update club results, accept new member accounts and post important dates to the calendar such as upcoming meetings or important shoot dates with a few clicks of a button.

morley rifle club website


morley rifle club in leeds web design
morley rifle club in leeds web design