Claire Culliford is a Huddersfield based author producing a series of childrens books focusing around real world issues, such as global warming and ocean life. Recently her books have been sought by the likes of Waterstones in the UK and Barnes and Noble in America.

claire culliford web design

The Design and Development

Claire originally approached Huddersfield University looking to work with students to help produce her website, that’s where Athena Media came in.

The website needed quite specific functionality; such as the ability to sell books by certain quantities, display Claire’s events and link to social media.

The website design and branding needed to be fun and relevant to what Claire does, but remain professional for her commissioned pieces and overall brand identity as an author.

Built using an E-Commerce WordPress CMS (Content Management System), the website allows ongoing editing and customisation of each of the produts, and we’re now looking forward to working long-term on new features, such as translating the website into 5 different languages!

The website has been designed and developed so that as Claire’s books grow, so does her website and content.

claire culliford web design


claire culliford in huddersfield web design