Jordan Sapey from Calper Photography in Leeds was a start-up photographer looking to put his mark on the wedding photography industry,  a notoriously difficult industry to get into.

Jordan specialises in wedding photography and needed a bold and powerful online identity to stand out and cut through the noise.

calper photography web design

The Design and Development

When it came to Calper Photography, I was keen to design a layout that would let the photography speak for itself, using minimal text and maximising on the strategically placed wedding photography while keeping the layout clean, minimal, and fresh.

The golden colour palette was chosen by Jordan which matched closely with conventional wedding industry colours so fit right in.

Jordan is truly passionate about what he does – and Athena Media are excited to play a part in the growth of his photography business.

Jordan, who loves tech, was keen on taking over a lot of the content management including posting his own portfolio pieces, editing the content and posting new photography. This was made super easy by implementing templates that Jordan could just fill out and post – all search engine optimised (SEO) and ready to go.

Jordan aims to expand in the future, developing more into the videography side of the wedding business.

calper photography web design


calper photography in leeds web design
calper photography in leeds web design