Beautifully crafted logos and marketing material designed to stand out from the competition and make an impact.

Athena Media will create a stand out, modern and stunning brand identity that will create a lasting first impression. 

Delivering a creative, yet working solution is essential, that’s why we work hard to get to know you, your business and your target audience. We listen to what you’re all about and what you want to portray through your brand.

Branding has become much more than a simple logo design; it’s a value and range of assets that defines your company in the mind of a consumer.

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It matters who your brand appeals to and the deep meaning behind it. We ensure your brand strategy is coherent, relevant, informative and most importantly; successful and striking.

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Some brands need to find or re-find their brand confidence and spark. We help give you clarity in your assets helping create a clear vision and a direction of where to go in the future.

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We help to manifest your brand professionally throughout all your points of sale and interaction; social media graphics, packaging, marketing collateral, or even van and car graphics.


We take the time to get to know you and your business, identifying your key objectives, needs and wants from your new brand to ensure it carries the message you want it to.


Your brand needs to grow as and when your business does. Not only do we provide your new brand assets, we also ensure that it will naturally age and grow within your industry.

Something more?

Want something more to help compliment your brand? From business cards, pop-up banners and social media graphics we can do it all – just give us a call.

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Why Athena Branding?

We do what we do for one reason, we absolutely love it. Athena Media was created to provide and do what most agencies won’t; deliver high-end websites, social media and branding whilst keeping it as cost effective as possible.

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Branding FAQS

Why does my business need a brand?
We’re got a logo, is that not okay?
Does Athena Media ever outsource?
Do you keep a copy of our assets in case we ever lose them?
Will a new brand make me ‘hot stuff’ around my neighborhood?

Why does my business need a brand?

A strong brand helps to sell your message to potential clients. A brand is your 24/7 ambassador and advocate, attracting customers and reassuring them of the quality of your work.

We’re got a logo, is that not okay?

A brand is a whole lot more than just a simple logo design. A logo is great for a business that’s just started up to put them on for a couple of months. But, a brand is a whole lot more than a logo – it needs to engage your customers through creative and consistent design, that will get your business noticed.

Does Athena Media ever outsource?

No, never! All of the work carried out for our clients is done by ourselves in-house.

We do however sometimes use UK based self employed contractors with specialist skills that are required for certain projects.

Athena Media will always avoid the use of oversea contractors due to overseas companies not being able to comply to the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Do you keep a copy of our assets in case we ever lose them?

There’s two kinds of people out there, those who have never lost files, and those that backup.

We’re the latter, all your logos, business cards, flyers and banners will be fully backed-up for 12 months.

Will a new brand make me ‘hot stuff’ around my neighborhood?

You may as well delete Tinder now. Once your new brand is live, you’ll be hotter than Brad Pitt Circa 2001.

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